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Trude  Torsdag 18. Juni 2015, kl. 19:26

I'm Joseph, and I live in the rural northwest of the US.
I just learned that Nestlé is closing in on a lucrative water privatization deal in my state of Oregon. The deal would hand Nestlé millions of liters of some of the cleanest drinking water we have, despite a huge drought. Even worse, Nestlé will only pay one cent per 150 liters of water. Then, it will sell the same water back to the public for 70 times as much!
I was inspired to take action by SumOfUs' recent efforts against Nestlé’s devious efforts to privatize water at every turn: in California, in Pakistan and in British Columbia, Canada. And when I heard that any SumOfUs member can now start a campaign, I decided to create my own petition to get Nestlé out of my home state.
But I need your help to win. Will you join me to call on Oregon to reject Nestlé's bid to suck our state dry?
Sign my petition to stop Nestlé from taking all of my community's water.

Nestlé is coyly marketing this awful plan as a way to create local jobs -- but the reality is that it will only create 48.

And that’s not the only way we're getting conned. The cost to maintain the infrastructure needed to support the fleet trucks hauling water in and out of the bottling plant will come entirely out of the pockets of the public.

The truth is what Nestlé is trying to do in Oregon has been its mercenary strategy for decades: target a small, rural town in dire financial straits, offer them peanuts for their most precious resource, and then make out like bandits. The fact that the world is facing a coming water crisis hasn't slowed it at all. If anything, Nestlé is becoming even more reckless. Now is a time to establish a precedent to how the world treats corporations like Nestlé who believe they can put a price on our most priceless resources.

Join me and telling Oregon to scrap this deal with Nestlé. :

Thanks for your support.

Joseph Schommer, 
SumOfUs member from Little Applegate Valley, Oregon