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18 May, Thessaloniki's water referendum  (Lest 4727 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Søndag 11. Mai 2014, kl. 18:22

Dear friends,

as you might know, next Sunday there is a city-wide referendum organised in Thessaloniki by the movements against water privatisation. It is a significant battle in the ongoing struggle against neoliberal plunder and the degradation of our lives.

Find in the following link a text detailing the context and the state of the struggle.

Forward, republish, spread the word!

in solidarity,

Financial contribution to help pay for advertisement in the local media

The European Federation of Public Service Unions has set up a bank account for this purpose:

IBAN BE62 4376 2009 4261 – BIC: KREDBEBB, please use the reference Thessaloniki.