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TTIP Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership  (Lest 4598 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Torsdag 13. Mars 2014, kl. 15:40

Europe and the USA are in the midst of negotiating a huge trade deal -- the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership or TTIP. The TTIP isn’t just a simple trade treaty, it’s actually a huge corporate power grab affecting literally millions of European and American citizens.
The EU is about to launch a big consultation across Europe asking organisations and everyday people for their views. There’s a real danger that the loudest voices could be coming from the very corporations that stand to benefit from such a system.
The consultation starts really soon, so we don’t have long to prove that it’s people power that counts, not corporate power.
Can you tell European leaders to reject secret courts in the TTIP?