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Trude  Mandag 10. Mars 2014, kl. 13:31

1) The Peruvian government wants to privatize water services in Peru.
The trade unions together with PSI (Public Services International, and EPSU's global Federation) fighting against this.
 Next week there will be strike action against these changes. 
You can help by sending a message to the government –
Please sign the message below and ensure that water and sanitation services, which are essential for human life and health, are not turned into private hands.
2) I also use this opportunity to inform you that the workers and their union of the Thessaloniki Water Company (EYATH) and the broad coalition of social action groups will be organizing a local referendum against the privatization of the company.
This referendum will take place 18 May.
It is a self-organized referendum and the costs for the union and the supporting groups are enormous.
We will shortly be asking for your support but already you might want to consider sending someone of your organization (in the days before and on 18 May) to observe and assist in the referendum. Polling stations will need to be staffed, leaflets distributed, media informed…
In Solidarity,
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