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Water Quality and Organic Agriculture in Germany  (Lest 4617 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Torsdag 14. November 2013, kl. 14:50

From the German Report to EU: Implementation of WFD programmes of measures – interim results 2012
Groundwater conservation initiative in the context of agricultural extension services:
In the interest of reducing chemical inputs in water­ bodies, the Unterfranken region in the regional state of Bavaria employs three full time water consultants, whose duties are as follows: providing farmers with advice on water conservation and other measures that exceed the scope of good professional practice; raising awareness of farming practices such as catch cropping that protect water resources; organizing and providing support for informational events and
advising working groups, in collaboration with water companies and water resource management officials. State agriculture officials’ agricultural extension pro­grammes are closely related to the scheme called Aktion Grundwasserschutz - Trinkwasser für Unter­franken [“Let’s go to bat for groundwater: drinking water for the Lower Franconia region”] that the Lower Franconia government started in 2001. Thanks to a massive increase in agricultural land used for organic farming and for groundwater-friendly farming prac­tices in Lower Franconia, the region has seen a sub­stantial reduction of nitrate and fertilizer inputs.