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Water Industry in England  (Lest 4417 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Tirsdag 6. August 2013, kl. 12:44

UNISON commissioned a report about the water industry in the UK with a view to 25 years of the privatisation of the sector in 2014. The report analyses pretty clear what is wrong in the UK Water sector and gives some suggestions (a wake up call from UNISON) for changing the industry to a responsible and sustainable one.
At this moment the water sector is characterised by huge profits flowing to Private Equity firms, high water bills for powerless consumers (paying up to 6% of their income) and a poor state of maintenance. The private water companies are unwilling to address or invest in maintenance of the water infrastructure, resulting in huge water losses (up to 45%). Furthermore the UK has an incapable regulator that doesn’t address the low corporate taxes paid by the companies, affordability of the poor to pay their increasing water bills, nor the poor maintenance by the private companies.
UNISON demands changes for and a national debate on the water industry in England.
Read the full report attached or at the EPSU site
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