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Trude  Torsdag 27. Juni 2013, kl. 13:02

As you know the Greek government under pressure of the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF) has decided to privatise a larger number of public services and companies. Among these are the water companies of Athens and Thessaloniki. The privatisation process of Thessaloniki has now begun and the first offers have been received. There are two consortia made up of:
•   French-based utility Suez Environment SA and Greek construction group Aktor.
•   The second consortium includes Mekorot Development and Enterprise Ltd., a unit of Israel's national water company, along with Miya Water Projects Netherlands BV (owned by Israeli group Arison Investments), Greece's Terna Energy (TENERGY.AT) and G. Apostolopoulos S.A. Holdings.
We want to address these companies and the main shareholders of these companies to demonstrate that the companies are not wanted by the Greek people of Thessaloniki and that the people have broad support.

We do not want you in Thessaloniki. Please withdraw your bid.

Dear …
The press has reported that your company is participating in a bid for Eyath, the Thessaloniki
Water and Sewage Company. We ask you to withdraw your bid.
You will be aware that the privatisation of Eyath is opposed by the citizens of the city, by the
workers as well as by the municipalities of Thessaloniki. The only reason that this
privatisation is going ahead is because it is imposed by the Greek government, itself under
pressure from the Troika to reduce Greek debt. There is nothing noble in profiting from this
privatisation for you and your company. People in Thessaloniki, supported by many groups
are concerned that you pursue profits at the expense of workers and citizens. As in other
places, you will likely face years of protracted opposition both in Thessaloniki, Greece and
across the world. These struggles are well documented. The companies involved find their
reputations tarnished, their credibility in shreds, their risks increased and profits limited. We
believe your bid is based on a feeble business case. We would hope that corporations today
don’t base their business model on opportunism, nor venture into initiatives where they are
clearly unwelcome.
There is an alternative to your bid that is supported by the workers of Eyath, by
Thessonikians, by the municipalities, many financial groups and us. That is to keep water in
public ownership and ensure it can continue to deliver a high quality service. It is based on
the fact that water is a common good and access to drinking water and sanitation is a basic
human right as recognized by the UN (2010) and the successful European Citizens Initiative
Water a Human Right.
We therefore ask you to withdraw your bid and let the citizens of Thessaloniki determine the
future of Eyath.
Yours sincerely,
Signed by


Food and Water

European Federation of Public Service Unions

Public Services International

SEEYATH, Somateio Ergazomenon EYATH


Save Greek Water

Initiative 136

Water Movement Norway (Vannbevegelsen)