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First ever European Citizens Initiative to make it!  (Lest 4235 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Onsdag 8. Mai 2013, kl. 10:58

First ever European Citizens Initiative to make it!
This news splash brings you excellent news!  Water is a Human Right – has collected over 1.5 million signatures across Europe, and continues counting. 8 countries have passed the minimum number of signatures required. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Slovenia.
This is the first ever ECI to have cleared all the hurdles of the legislation but the campaign will continue because there are several countries where only a few thousand signatures are needed to pass the threshold: Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands.
As you know our ECI lodged the demand with the European Commission on the first day possible – April 1st 2012 – and got it validated on May 10th. We have been collecting signatures on paper and online since September 4th 2012 and in less than 9 months we have achieved what no previous European organization has ever done.
Now we are also moving to the political field asking cities (we had already 10 big cities supporting us in December) and regions to come out in support of the ECI and to promote regions and cities where water is declared a Human Right.
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