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Veolia advises the EU-committee  (Lest 6781 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Søndag 13. Januar 2013, kl. 13:44

February 14, 2013, at 1:30 PM, will be the start of the court case of the multinational Veolia against the film „Water Makes Money“. Indicted however are only the French distributor La Mare aux Canards and the central protagonist of the film, the Veolia employee Jean-Luc Touly. The legal action of the multinational against those who are really responsible of „Water Makes Money“, the film directors Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz, failed due to the German public authorities and the German Veolia subsidiary, which refused a suit according to German law.

A showing of the film in the big hall will open the court proceedings. Veolia feels slandered by the film and filed suit on September 28, 2010. Even before the premiere of „Water Makes Money“ there were hints that Veolia might try to prevent the release of the film through an interim injunction. The film directors countered this by organizing the simultaneous opening of the film on 150 European cities. The film thus won the recognition of a broad public and has since been shown in about 1000 cinema presentations. It was broadcasted by ARTE several times, and will be shown again the evening before the court case, on February 13, 2013, at 10 PM.

Veolia could not forestall the film. In the light of the great publicity, the multinational avoided bringing an action against the film directors who are truly responsible for the film. Instead, Veolia now attacks an organization which is in no way responsible for the content, but merely for the distribution for the film in France. And of course the whistleblower, Jean-Luc Touly. He fought out many court cases with his employer. And until now, he has always won in court.

During the court case on February 14, 2013, Veolia on one hand will deny Jean-Luc Touly's statement that he was offered one million Euro by the multinational. Furthermore, there is an accusation against the term „corruption“. What is contested are not the facts that are shown in the film, only they should have been designated by the term „corruption“ which violates the penal code!

Right before the call for tenders of the wastewater treatment plant Brussels North, the delegates taking part in said call and high ranking administration officials were invited onto luxury yachts in St. Tropez, as was made public by the periodical „Père Ubu“. Subsequently, the term „experimental technologies“ were introduced into the text of the call for tenders, which was necessary for Veolia to apply. And of course Veolia won the bid with its experimental technology „Athos“. How would you call this approach?

Veolia is the main sponsor of the „EU-Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform“ and also supplied the vice president and two further members. This board advises the EU-committee on selecting research proposals, proposals that Veolia files an application for. How should you call this? Or the revolving door shown in the film? Or all the other examples?

According to German law, a court proceeding against protagonists and distributors would be impossible. In Germany, Veolia could only file suit against the responsible film directors. But the multinational does not dare to do this. Now, others should suffer. Jean-Luc Touly and the French distributor La Mare aux Canards are threatened with huge indemnity claims. And even in case of a acquittal, it is no problem for the multinational that is worth several billions to pursue the procedure through all levels of jurisdiction.

For this not to happen, we need as much publicity as possible.

   Each report, in whatever medium, before and after the court proceeding, may help!
   Follow the example of ARTE and show the film again for obvious reasons: it is the best signal to raise the issue during the week of the court proceedings and to inform the public!
   Please do collect donations during the showings for the costs of the court proceeding. If we win, you may donate the money to the purpose you desire. If we lose the case, we and our French colleagues are facing huge costs, in addition to the settlement high court and legal fees, travel and other costs. In this case we ask you not to leave Jean-Luc Touly and the distributor La Mare aux Canards in the lurch.

Please help so that the court case on February 14, 2013 against the film „Water Makes  Money“ takes place under the observance of the greatest public possible.

A heart-felt Thank You from the Water Makes Money-Team

Leslie Franke, Herdolor Lorenz and Lissi Dobbler