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Trude  Onsdag 1. Februar 2012, kl. 11:59


The European Commission has declared 2012 as the European Year for Water. Several important landmarks will take place this year, with the first being the Alternative World Water Forum (French acronym FAME) taking place in Marseille, France, March 14 through 17.

The objective of the Alternative World Water Forum is to create a concrete alternative to the sixth World Water Forum, which is organized by the World Water Council. This Council is a mouthpiece for transnational companies and the World Bank, and they falsely claim to head the global governance of water. Will you sign a petition urging support for the Alternative World Water Forum?

For several years, different civil society movements have fought side by side for water conservation and citizen management of water. Numerous gatherings have helped solidify the movement to re-appropriate water, a communal resource that belongs to all of humanity and ecosystems.

Help us build a stronger movement to support alternatives to privatization and promote an alternative vision of water management that is based on ecological and democratic values.

Sign our petition to declare the World Water Forum as an illegitimate space for global water governance and support FAME:

Thanks for taking action,

Gabriella Zanzanaini
Director of European Affairs
Food & Water Watch