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Inambari Dam, Peru cancelled  (Lest 2552 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Mandag 20. Juni 2011, kl. 14:41

Vannkraftmagasiner i Peru

I'm pleased to tell you that on Monday, the Inambari Dam planned for the Peruvian Amazon was cancelled.

Read my blog to learn more about the reaction in Peru.
Inambari would have been the first in a series of dams that Brazilian companies plan to build in the Peruvian Amazon to export power to Brazil. Huge opposition from local communities forced the government to publicy revoke the construction license.

While this is a great victory, Peruvians who would have been affected by the Inambari Dam are still wary that the government could try to give the dam new life.

Hear more from Olga Cutipa, one of the indigenous leaders fighting the Inambari Dam.
We will continue to support dam-affected people in Peru as they struggle to protect their rights and the rich ecosystems of the Peruvian Amazon.

For people, water and life,

Monti Aguirre
Latin America Program Coordinator