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Trude  Fredag 14. Januar 2011, kl. 14:21

Saken nedenfor vedrørende "full cost recovery" ser ut til å samsvare med vårt begrep om 'selvkost' fra 2003, da kommunalminister Erna Solberg endret definisjonen til også å omfatte kapitalkostnader som skulle dekke tapte børsinntekter. Det vil si at fortjenesten blir skjult, som en fiktiv kostnad.
Trude M. Thomassen

Dear friends,

very, very good news coming from Italy! You might remember that Italian activists had managed to gather a staggering 1.400.000 signatures to call for a referendum against water privatisation law last July?

Well, the Italian Supreme Court has yesterday validated two referendas on the 4 that were submitted, which means that the whole country will be voting on the issue of public water systems privatisation soon! More precisely, the two validated referendas ask for the cancellation of two legislative pieces, one is an article in a 2008 law on the privatisation of public services with an economic value, and the other calls for the cancellation of an article in the Environment code that forces water tariffs to be calculated according to capital costs (full cost recovery). One of the two cancelled referendas concerned the choice of management and tender process for water systems, which sounds like a bit
of a pity... I don't have much more details that would enable to
understand the scope of these legal changes, our Italian friends will
write us soon with more details on what this exactly means for Italy's waters (Rafaella, we count on you!)

But just knowing that 50 million people will be voting for or against
water privatisation is in itself an amazing achievement! Congratulations to the Italian people and the fantastic work done by the hundred of volunteer activists that are behind this historic breakthrough!

In (very impressed) solidarity,



Martin Pigeon

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