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Coca-Cola Funded Group Investigates Coca-Cola in India  (Lest 3053 ganger) Skriv ut

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Martin  Fredag 4. April 2008, kl. 15:39

(16. 4. 2007) av Amit Srivastava (India Resource Center)

Utklipp:  The international campaign to hold the Coca-Cola company accountable for its crimes in India continues to grow stronger. The campaign has been characterized by the Wall Street Journal as having cost the Coca-Cola company " millions of dollars in lost sales and legal fees in India, and growing damage to its reputation elsewhere." Just in the last month, for example, students at Manchester University in the UK and the University of Guelph in Canada have voted to remove Coca-Cola products from campus because of the company's unethical practices in India.

The Coca-Cola company is guilty of creating severe water shortages in communities across India. The company, which regularly extracts up to a million liters of water per day from the groundwater resource in some bottling plants, has located many of its plants in "drought prone" areas. The result has been that ever since the Coca-Cola company started its bottling operations in the area, literally thousands of surrounding residents, primarily low-income agricultural workers, have been left thirsting for water. Coca-Cola's thirst for water -which the company receives practically for free and sells at inflated prices - has had dramatic impacts. Not only are residents struggling to meet their basic water needs such as for drinking, cooking and bathing, farmers in the area have found themselves without enough water to yield successful crops.

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