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MALAYSIA: Water Falls Under WTO Regime?  (Lest 2927 ganger) Skriv ut

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Martin  Fredag 4. April 2008, kl. 15:33

(5. 5. 2006) av Anil Netto

Utklipp: PENANG, May 5 (IPS) - Malaysian activists have expressed concern that two bills before parliament could pave the way for giant transnational corporations to corner significant stakes in the country's domestic water sector. The second reading in parliament of the two bills -- the Water Services Industry bill and the National Water Services Commission (or SPAN, its Malay acronym) bill -- is scheduled for Monday. The bills would transfer control of water from the various states to a federal-level regulatory authority. The government says this would ensure that all Malaysians have access to affordable and clean, treated water.

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