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Nobel Prize in Economics  (Lest 2601 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Torsdag 15. Oktober 2009, kl. 14:40

The Nobel Prize in Economics 2009 was awarded to Dr. Elinor Ostrom.

Dr. Ostrom is someone who we have previously contacted regarding the
water commons work that some of you are aware of and which I hope we can
move forward together.

Dr Ostrom has done work on the issue of water governance and community
participation in control of water resources.

The idea of the commons is a powerful concept for our water justice
movement. There is a new project called Our Water Commons which is
promoting the water commons - more information on this project will be

I also invite you to learn more about this concept of the water commons
through Maude Barlow's paper called 'Our Water Commons; toward a new
freshwater narrative'.

For more information on the Commons in its many different aspects, you
can go to On The Commons.

Related to this work on the commons and water governance, there is also
a very exciting course being developed by colleagues in India. More
information on this important project will be shared shortly.

All of this builds on the great work of communities around the world
which have been living the commons through indigenous and traditional
practice, and which have not received the attention they deserve for
their efforts. Also, many organizations have been leading this work
through networks such as the Reclaiming Public Water Network. Red Vida
members are also doing strong work in this area.

Personally, I find great hope and inspiration in the powerful stories of
the water commons and look forward to our collective work to reclaim and
protect the water commons!

In solidarity,

Anil Naidoo