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Blue October, World Water Council and the UN  (Lest 3348 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Onsdag 7. Oktober 2009, kl. 13:57

Next week, Oct. 14-16, in Marseille, the World Water Council has their
Annual General Meeting.

I have been informed that at this meeting the World Water Council will
invite up to 6 seats UN Agencies to join their Board of Governors.

This is a terrible development and one that we must oppose!

The World Water Council works for the promotion of water privatization
and UN agencies have no place within this body.

We are asking you to go to the following link at Our Water Commons and
sign a petition asking the Secretary General and President of the UN to
instruct UN Agencies to not join the World Water Council!

We are also asking for a truly accountable Global Water Forum following
internationally-recognized norms and for the UN to take a role in
developing this rather than sitting with the private water companies
within the World Water Council.

Please sign before the deadline of Oct. 13 so that we can deliver the
letter to Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon and President of the General
Assembly, Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki.

We are doing this as part of a collective action for Blue October 2009