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Blå Oktober med Maud Barlow  (Lest 44141 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Onsdag 7. Oktober 2009, kl. 13:47

Blå Oktober
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Blå Oktober-arrangementer skjer mange steder i verden i disse dager. Fokuset dreier seg om retten til vann.

Den kjente aktivisten fra Council of Canadians, Maud Barlow besøker Blå Oktober i Norge. Til stede er også en indisk aktivist. Derfor foregår flere av arrangementene på engelsk.

Vannbevegelsen v/Peter Dannevig holdt følgende appell foran Stortinget kl. 12.oo idag:

Peter Dannevig
Member of the organization Water Movement (vannbevegelsen på norsk)
We think water is a common good and a human right!
Should anyone be allowed to make profit on something we all need everyday?
The answer is absolutely NO!

I want to speak up here because the people in the building behind me soon will vote on a proposed law called «municipal ownership and municipal water and sewage fees».
This means that all of our water supply is to be owned by the municipalities.

This surely sounds as something most people would support and I wish to stress the point that we strongly support what we perceive as the INTENTION of this law, namely to secure water as a common good!

However, if this intention is to be fulfilled, our opinion is there must be another form of organization. Not municipal ownership with the possibility of outsourcing, as proposed by the Ministry if the Environment.

Also the proposal has no clause about commercialization of the water supply!
And this is quite significant because with the current regulations public water companies can be allowed to make profit on the water supply by the way they make their accounting!
This is a way of describing commercialization by the public sector.

We are against that anybody should be able to make a profit from a common good and human right, this be public nor private companies!

The real danger however in such a practice is that it would trigger international trade regulations which Norway has signed and clearly states that commercialized sectors can not be public monopolies and must allow competition from other commercial interests. Then the multinational water companies focused solely on profit such as Veolia Water can establish themselves in our water supply.
 Then the attempt of making our water supply a common good is lost.

Water movement and other organizations present here as well as many similar organizations from around the world whom support our claim deem it necessary to make an explicit ban against commercialization in the water supply!

So we plead to our representatives to have in mind our opinion in this matter and think about the intention of keeping water as a common good and human right when they vote on this.

Thank you!