Folkebevegelsen for bevaring av vann som felleseie

Retten til vann - Borgermester Osman Ozguven, Tyrkia stilles for retten  (Lest 2875 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Fredag 22. Mai 2009, kl. 16:36

Osman Ozguven is the progressive mayor of a small Aegean town Dikili, in
Turkey. Last year he was taken to court with the charge of 'causing
public derogation', because he had simply provided water and other
public services  to his fellow citizens free. Now he is being questioned
before the judge and needs water warriors' support.

Ozguven claims that he did what he, and all public managers, supposed to
do. In below email his lawyer asks for any detailed information or parts
of the existing jurisdiction [constitution, law, rule etc.] anywhere
that goes beyond stating water is a human right but explicitly binds
governments, municipalities and policymakers to provide free water (up
to a limit) to the poor or to all citizens so can be in support of his

The case is a symbolic one for our global war for water and the
information you will provide can serve Ozguven's victory. His victory
will be our victory. 

In solidarity,