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Veolia's EU lobbying activities in the water sector  (Lest 2905 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Tirsdag 16. Desember 2008, kl. 17:13

Today, CEO publishes a report on Veolia Environnement EU lobbying
activities in the water sector, "Turning on the taps in Brussels".

This report shows that the water giant's environmental and "responsible
lobbying" claims are far from matching the extent and content of its
actual activities: Veolia has set up a considerable lobbying network and
consistently pushed for a profit-oriented approach rather than water
resources preservation. It promotes energy-intensive and costly clean-up
technologies as the sole response to the water crisis and asked the
European Commission to take action against public-public partnerships.
We have therefore written to Veolia's Brussels representative to criticise
the company's irresponsible approach of water management and ask that it withdraws its "responsible lobbying" claims as long as it hasn't
significantly improved its lobbying transparency.