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Will China Fund the Rogue Ilisu Dam?  (Lest 2642 ganger) Skriv ut

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Trude  Tirsdag 8. Desember 2009, kl. 16:30

Will China Fund the Rogue Ilisu Dam?

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Dear Supporter,

The Ilisu Dam in Southeast Turkey is one of the world's most controversial
hydropower projects. You may remember that the export credit agencies of
Germany, Austria and Switzerland pulled out of the project earlier this year
because the Turkish government consistently violated their social and
environmental conditions.

We recently learned that Turkey is now negotiating with China about renewed
funding for Ilisu Dam
VXOL0k4LBDMiXD> . If such funding is approved, it will contradict China's
commitment to be a responsible international player and may unleash a new
environmental race to the bottom.

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Turkey's biggest environmental organization has already urged the Chinese
government to stay away from Ilisu. We are advising our Turkish partners in
their efforts, and I will raise their concerns when I visit China again in

Several other governments and companies have burned their fingers on Ilisu
before, and we intend to win this fight. Stay tuned!

Peter Bosshard
Policy Director
International Rivers

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Learn more about China's interest in Ilisu Dam
The ancient town of Hasankeyf, Turkey.
Turkey's Ilisu Dam would flood the 10,000-year-old town of Hasankeyf.
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