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Tittel: Next month, TTIP negotiators are meeting in Miami
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Next month, TTIP negotiators are meeting in Miami, hell bent on pushing forward with this dangerous trade deal.
We don’t know much about the deal -- it’s literally being kept under lock and key. But from the small details that have been leaked, it’s looking like the biggest corporate power grab of our generation.
But citizens are joining together in Berlin for a massive protest -- and we want to make it so big that negotiators can’t ignore us.
Can you chip in €1 to stop TTIP?
TTIP was meant to be a shoe-in. But a growing movement, of which SumOfUs is a big part, has thrown the negotiations way off track.
We’ve teamed up with partner organisations to form a EU-wide self-organised Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP, and a whopping 2.6 million of us have signed on. We’ve placed ads in Brussels newspapers to make sure that EU politicians and negotiators hear our message. And everywhere the negotiations go, we follow.
But in just a few months, there’s a huge chance TTIP negotiators could sign away our rights to protect the environment, receive affordable medication, and defend ourselves from exploitation.
If enough of us chip in, we’ll able to help the organisers of the protest by:
•   Paying for ads to spread the word widely about the protest
•   Help pay for buses to bring in some of our most vulnerable to Berlin to make sure their voices are heard
•   Make banners that will look incredible in photos and video of the event in the media
•   Set up the stage and other key logistics to make sure the protest is safe but effective
It’s a powerful reminder to negotiators that we don’t want this dangerous trade deal -- and if they support it, it’ll be the last time they’ll see our votes.
Up against hundreds of corporate lobbyists, this people-powered movement against TTIP would never have come this far if it regular people didn’t stand together.
We know that mass opposition works. SumOfUs members funded massive protests in July in Hawaii against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), in what were supposed to be the final talks before a deal was signed. Negotiators walked away from those TPP talks without a deal.
We need to make sure we don’t miss this opportunity to build momentum against TTIP in the lead up to the October talks.
Can you chip in €1 to stop TTIP?
Thanks for all that you do,
Wiebke, Jon, Kat and the team at SumOfUs
More information:
Mass protest against TTIP and CETA to take place in Berlin.   Euractiv. August 26, 2015.