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Tittel: Water wars: a week of debate wraps up
Skrevet av: MartinFredag 4. April 2008, kl. 15:28
(25. 3. 2006) av JUDITH JOFFE-BLOCK

Utklipp: On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of local activists, indigenous groups, and representatives from international non-governmental organizations marched to the Zócalo to celebrate World Water Day. The rally concluded a week and a half of protest actions against the Fourth World Water Forum and against the privatization of water, including a march of over 25,000 people in opposition to the opening day of the forum on March 16.  Last Sunday evening, participants in the alternative water conference, International Forum in Defense of Water, released a declaration in which they stated their opposition to any kind of private involvement in water management. Yet on the sixth day of the World Water Forum, which organizers report brought together over 19,800 participants from government, industry, and civil society in Mexico City, the word "privatization" was conspicuously absent.

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