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Tittel: Flagship water privatisation fails in Tanzania
Skrevet av: MartinFredag 4. April 2008, kl. 15:05
(25. 05. 2005) av John Vidal

Utklipp: A flagship water privatisation scheme for Africa has collapsed amid claims that the British company involved has failed to improve the supply for millions of people. Tanzania's government yesterday confirmed it had cancelled its deal with Biwater, which was contracted two years ago to bring clean water to the capital, Dar es Salaam, and the surrounding region within five years by installing new pipes.

The $140m (£76.5m) World Bank-funded privatisation scheme - which was supported by the UK government - was one of the most ambitious in Africa and was intended to be a model for how the world's poorest communities could be lifted out of poverty and countries could meet their millennium development goal targets.

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