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Tittel: Blue Gold: An Interview with Maude Barlow
Skrevet av: MartinFredag 4. April 2008, kl. 14:50
(14. 1. 2005) av Jeff Fleischer

Utklipp: In 1995, a vice president of the World Bank famously declared that, as the wars of the 20th century were fought over oil, so the wars of the 21st would be fought over water. In the decade since, potable water, scarce even then, has become even more so thanks to pollution, industrial development in nations like China -- and especially the process whereby giant firms like Vivendi, Suez and Bechtel increasingly buy up impoverished nations' water supplies, taking sorely needed water and selling it at a profit, all with the blessing of transnational organizations like the World Bank and World Trade Organization.

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